I started mountain biking in 2010 and had this dream of riding the Joberg2C.

In 2015 I lined up and due to tick bite fever withdrew on day 3.

I was fortunate that the organizers gave me an entry for 2016. With the luxury of not having to pay for an entry I decided to ride for a cause and after looking at many causes, SFLL was a no brainer. I had worked at Bara as a student and knew first-hand the challenges the doctors faced. Also not being able to have children makes me want to spread my love even more.
I signed up to raise money through my cycling and I didn’t do too badly but in June of 2016, I decided that I would conquer Joberg2C once and for all and I would do it all for SFLL. It made it easier to motivate me when I wanted to give up, and through all the efforts it paid off and I managed to raise a good sum of money.
Once I entered Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa I knew I could use the platform to bring more awareness for SFLL and I’m partnering up with the founder of simple sacks to do a visit in May to Bara to give each little child there a simple sack and to share some cupcakes and just spend time with them.  Sometimes the biggest gift is your time.

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Adele Koolen