The Mumz with Hearts

Christmas Bags Collection 2017


The Mumz with Hearts collected and on the 27th December 2017 they handed out 250 Christmas bags.

The Christmas Bags

The Little pictures on the front were drawn by the little Grade 0’s from St Davids Marists and some by children of the Mumz with Hearts volunteers.

The bags contained a ball. Toiletries, some items for school stationery (a combination of writing books, pens, pencils, pritt and colouring pens or crayons) and a couple of tins of food and some sweets.

The paediatric hardworking nurses from Ward 32, Burns and the Clinic also received a gift bag containing a scarf, nail polish and pens. Thanks to all the hardworking nurses that gives so much to our patients.


Thank You!

We thank everyone involved as we look forward to a wonderful year with continued support from you all.

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