Sara Perez celebrated her 8th birthday a few weeks ago. In order to make this little girls celebration covid safe, she had a wonderful ‘drive by’ party where her friends came past and got to wish her a brief happy birthday.

In the past year covid has taught us all that it’s the simple things in life that count. That focusing on what’s really important and meaningful is what truly gives one the hope and courage to see the positives in a world of many hardships and pain.

Sara decided that she would like to use her birthday drive by as an opportunity to spread kindness and help those that are in need. After making some enquiries Sara and her mom came into contact with the incredibly inspiring Amy Pleaner, who devotes an unbelievable amount of her time, energy and focus into community outreach and charity work. With Amy’s help an amazing project came together.

Sara asked her friends to bring blankets to her party which would be donated on their behalf. And this is how the enormously successful blanket collection, for the pediatric wards of the Baragwanath Hospital came into fruition.

Amy Pleaner and her partner Marni Graff of ‘Back a Pupil’ accompanied Sara’s mother and another good friend Julie Kahan to Baragwanath Hospital.

The incredible Razeena Salootjie, from little miracles, was also immediately on board and donated over 120 blankets to be distributed as well.

It was a site to see as the team of ladies charted a patient trolley which they used as a trolley, piled high with blankets, all over the hospital campus in search of children that would now be able to go home with a warm winter blankets.

The children were so grateful to be receiving their very own gift from a visitor that brought along with it, love, kindness and words of encouragement.

Sara was overjoyed to have been apart of something so special and her classmates were so excited to see all the photos of their blanket donations being distributed to such a worthy cause.

May Sara’s birthday collection inspire many other people to use opportunities like hers, to make a difference in the lives of others.