A group of mad amateurs have agreed to cycle a very long way in order to raise awareness and donations for Surgeons for Little Lives.

At Surgeons for Little Lives we currently have several projects on the go which include building a dedicated Operating Theatre for the treatment of children with severe burns, a new Paediatric Outpatient Facility, and an Expression Art Project An additional project is to build a playground for children admitted to the surgical ward at the Baragwanath Hospital – play helps to stimulate children, keeping them active, which speeds up their recovery. This is a far cry from the current situation in which we find the children confined to their beds or watching television all day.

We are also working to keep families together at the hospital to give support to the kids. As it stands, children admitted to the ward have to remain on their own without any facility for parents to remain with them. Many parents either work or live far away from the hospital and thus only have the opportunity to visit their children over the weekends or when it is time to go home.

We are in the process of designing a new parental facility that would allow mothers to stay at the Baragwanath Hospital for the duration of their child’s admission.

To this end, Surgeons for Little Lives will have about 10 riders in the race and by sponsoring one, you will help us realise our goals.

Also, any Like, Tweet or simple conversation will help us enormously by getting the word out.

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Please support this initiative, and help make a big difference in a little life.